imPACT Symposium 04

imPACT 04 - Strategies and Scope of Theatrical Practices

In November 2004 Talal Al-Muhanna curated a retrospective of the work of William Forsythe at the Choreographic Center in Essen, Germany.

Date: November 2004
Location: Essen, Germany
Program title: "imPACT 04 - an interactive symposium"
Format: Live performance - Film screenings - Video installations - Workshop - Symposium
Venue: PACT Choreographisches Zentrum NRW
Featured choreographer: William Forsythe
Featured speakers: Christine Bürkle, Noah Gelber, Rebecca Groves, Jone San Martin, Gerald Sigmund, Frank Werner.

Featured performers: Alejandro Alvarez & Stephanie Dalphond (Compania Nacional de Danza), Demond Hart (Ballettt Frankfurt) & Peggy Grelat (Lyons Opera Ballet), Noah Gelber (Ballettt Frankfurt) & Marisa Lopez (Het National), Christopher Roman (Ballettt Frankfurt) & Bridget Breiner (Stuttgart Ballet), Parvaneh Sharafali & Natasha Novotna (Netherlands Dance Theater).

Featured film and video works: Talal Al-Muhanna, Thomas Lovell Balogh, Dana Caspersen/William Forsythe, Peter Welz.

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